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Fiction to Facts: How My Career Took a Turn with Computers

I wanted to be a writer all my life, but with a college degree in creative writing, it wasn’t easy to find a job or a career. I knew it was wishful thinking to believe I might someday become a successful novelist or poet.

My career as a book editor

I searched around for any job that had something to do with writing. Luckily, I got a break, and I was hired as an assistant editor for a book publishing company in Los Angeles. Aside from answering phones and typing up author and agent correspondence, I reviewed the unsolicited manuscripts and made publishing recommendations based on character and plot development. I seemed to have a knack for editing–I had found my career.

After a year, I made the move to New York. All the major publishing houses were there and it wasn’t hard to find a position as a book editor. The only problem was that I hated living in New York. On an assistant editor’s salary, the city was a struggle. So I moved back to Los Angeles and found one of the only book publishing companies around there. Once hired, I worked with famed authors and budding novelists. But soon the company cut back its business and most of us lost our jobs.

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