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What’s Your Niche?

BeWhoYouWhat’s your niche? As a writer, I often get asked this question.

I should be able to give an unequivocal answer, but the truth is I don’t specialize in any one area. I am not really an expert, except in my own curiosity.

What are you passionate about? I can answer that one. Technology (whatever’s new) and animals (dogs in particular). I have written quite a bit about both.

Where do you get your inspiration? There are three areas: my own life experiences (only what I can remember), other people’s life experiences (only what I can borrow), and what I hope to experience (only what I can imagine).

Vincent van Gogh said “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

That’s what I care most about. The little morsels. The best ones.

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Writing Content the “Mad Men” Way

I love the TV series “Mad Men.” Maybe because in part, it’s about coming up with the right words for the right ideas. Here are some excerpts (and rewrites) from an article that appeared on Copyblogger.

Mad Men Made Writers Sexy Again

The main character of the series is a creative genius. He crafts the perfect slogan to capture the minds of America, and he makes it all look so cool. So do all of the characters. It’s their work. They sit around thinking up the perfect ad, and then they convince their clients to spend beaucoup bucks on it. And they do it all with nothing but words. How cool is that? You write something down, publish it, and it changes the world.

Some of the advertising principles also apply to blogging.

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