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Doggie Disneyland

At the Dog Park

At the Dog Park

Seattle is a very dog-oriented city. In King County, there are quite a number of off-leash dog parks to entertain both people and their dogs.

Marymoor Park, sometimes referred to as “Doggy Disneyland” is about 30 minutes from Seattle in Redmond, Washington, near the Microsoft campus. It has 40 acres of doggie heaven, and is undoubtedly a dog-pack experience. It is the largest off-leash dog park in the King County area.

Dogs can be just dogs at Marymoor Park, without leashes or fences. It has several hundred feet of water access and a number of walking paths for both humans and dogs. In the Sammamish Slough, dogs can swim and retrieve sticks and balls. There are plastic “poop bags” provided at spots around the park, along with conveniently placed trash cans.

There is a healthy variety of dogs for socialization. All dogs–large, small, and medium populate the park. Human socialization is pretty high, too, as people enjoy talking about their dogs as they all play together. Dogs sniff each other eagerly. They try to retrieve each other’s tennis balls from the water, and they usually succeed at keeping track of their people. Dog fights are rare.

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