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10 Ways to Make Sure You Spoil Your Dog


TashaOneMost dogs are spoiled to some extent. At least I hope so. I spoil my dog Tasha for all the mistreated dogs I cannot rescue. I spoil her because she is devoted to me and loves me unconditionally and uncontrollably.

Here are some of the ways I make sure she gets the best life possible. If you aren’t treating your dog with the same devotion already, try them yourself.

1.  Take your dog for walks.

Walks are the best kind of exercise for dog spoiling. If you pause every time your dog smells something interesting, I think he (or she) feels like he’s the one in charge. Tasha gets walks of some length most days, and we usually go the same route so she gets to visit her favorite stinky spots.

2.  Talk to your dog in sentences.

Even if dogs don’t understand anything you say, they like to listen to lengthy chatter. I think they feel more engaged with a string of sentences than they do with one-word commands. Tasha’s ears perk up with intense concentration when I talk to her, especially if I direct a question her way.

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