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Calling Customer Support for Endless Wait Times

Yesterday I called customer support at a rather large company to get help with something I had ordered. It’s a friendly robo-calls-phonecompany, but I was shocked when I got a live person right away. Seemed this company had ditched the usual recorded voice and endless menu options that usually greet you.

I don’t even remember the last time I got someone on the phone at the beginning of a support call. Could there really be that many people waiting on the line? What about off hours? Are you more likely to get some immediate help then? Somehow I doubt it. The phone system probably hasn’t been programmed that way.

And what’s with the message that tells you the menu options have changed? Changed from what? And why should I care what they used to be? This unnecessary piece of information is often followed by another message that says my “wait time” is some number of minutes and that a customer support representative will be with me shortly. How short is 10 minutes? Continue reading

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