Flashbacks: Working Together with Timothy Leary

learysdeadSome people don’t know who Timothy Leary was. But if you grew up in the sixties or seventies, you probably do. He was one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century, and almost everyone had heard of him then. Along with being an award-winning social scientist and a psychologist at Harvard, he introduced many Americans to psychedelic drugs and was a guru for social exploration and change.

In the early eighties, at a publishing company in Los Angeles, I worked side-by-side with Leary to help research and edit his autobiography, appropriately named Flashbacks. Perhaps surprisingly, I found him to be a very quick and disciplined writer. He was also a fascinating character and captured everybody’s attention whenever he was in the office.

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Rotator Cuff Surgery – I’m Glad I Did It

rotatorcuffsurgeryEight months ago I didn’t know anything about the shoulder or how it works. But that was before I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, and according to one orthopedic surgeon, the probability of surgery.

So I started doing as much research as I could. I found out that rotator cuff tears are a common shoulder problem, although some are due to trauma and some from wear and tear. Mine was the second case, caused by years of walking my large and very strong dog as she pulled on her leash. It was just after she died that the pain got almost unbearable. At first my regular doctor thought it was just rotator cuff tendonitis, but an MRI showed that one of the tendons was torn all the way through (a complete tear).

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A Few Words About Paradise


Everybody has a place or feeling they call paradise. By paradise I mean a place, situation, or state of mind that makes you the happiest, even if you haven’t experienced it yet. Without paradise (or the dream of one), life can seem rather ordinary.

If you search for paradise, you’ll probably find something that qualifies. Or you might not be searching for it at all, paradise comes upon you suddenly.

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