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Every Word Counts: Writing for the Web

Readers take only seconds to assess whether a webpage is worth pursuing or not, so it’s important to make sure every word counts. Here is a compilation of the things I’ve learned to make sure this is the case:

1. Keep it short.

  • Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs, and short pages.

2. Keep it simple.

  • Include only one or two ideas in each short paragraph.
  • Use simple language and common words so readers have to scan less to determine what a page is about.

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A Few Words About Paradise


Everybody has a place or feeling they call paradise. By paradise I mean a place, situation, or state of mind that makes you the happiest, even if you haven’t experienced it yet. Without paradise (or the dream of one), life can seem rather ordinary.

If you search for paradise, you’ll probably find something that qualifies. Or you might not be searching for it at all, paradise comes upon you suddenly.

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Is An Editor Still An Editor?


Has the editor’s role changed with technology? Do editors still have the same job to do?

Technology has certainly changed some of the ways editors do their work and the types of documents they edit, but not the reason for editing. An editor’s goal is still the same: to improve communication.

Depending on the industry and media, there are different kinds of editors, specifically technical editors, book editors, web content editors, academic editors, and medical and scientific editors. This is about those editors who refine the written word, rather than those who work with film, video, or sound.

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