A Few Words About Paradise


Everybody has a place or feeling they call paradise. By paradise I mean a place, situation, or state of mind that makes you the happiest, even if you haven’t experienced it yet. Without paradise (or the dream of one), life can seem rather ordinary.

If you search for paradise, you’ll probably find something that qualifies. Or you might not be searching for it at all, paradise comes upon you suddenly.

It might look like a secluded tropical beach, a field of brilliant wildflowers, an out-of-the- way bookstore, even your neighbor’s pool. Or it might be the feeling of relief you get from solving a problem you’ve been struggling with or a realization that changes your perception of life.

Can paradise be sustained? I think everybody has this question when they leave a place they love or forget how happy it made them feel. Maybe if we trust that paradise is real, we can find our way back there again.


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