A Few Words About Regret


I can spend quite a bit of time mulling over bad decisions and wishing I could make different ones. But there’s absolutely no point. Regretting something won’t give me another crack at it. I can’t take the other path now.

One of my regrets is that I’ve regretted too many things. I can really rack them up if I think about it.

Is it possible to learn that regrets are a waste of time and simply not have any of them? Therapists and self help books think so. They say forgiving yourself is the answer. But after years of trying, I’m still not very good at it. I can’t forgive myself for spending lots of money I once had, staying in relationships that were doomed, or not joining my family on more trips. I’m not somebody else who might have made different decisions.

A few weeks ago I crossed the age line into a new decade. Now seems like the perfect time to get that forgiveness thing down. If I can’t do it at this point, I’ll regret it. Then I’ll just have another regret on my hands. Or maybe I’ll do things differently this time and not have any at all.

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