What’s Your Niche?

BeWhoYouWhat’s your niche? As a writer, I often get asked this question.

I should be able to give an unequivocal answer, but the truth is I don’t specialize in any one area. I am not really an expert, except in my own curiosity.

What are you passionate about? I can answer that one. Technology (whatever’s new) and animals (dogs in particular). I have written quite a bit about both.

Where do you get your inspiration? There are three areas: my own life experiences (only what I can remember), other people’s life experiences (only what I can borrow), and what I hope to experience (only what I can imagine).

Vincent van Gogh said “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

That’s what I care most about. The little morsels. The best ones.

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