Doggie Disneyland

At the Dog Park

At the Dog Park

Seattle is a very dog-oriented city. In King County, there are quite a number of off-leash dog parks to entertain both people and their dogs.

Marymoor Park, sometimes referred to as “Doggy Disneyland” is about 30 minutes from Seattle in Redmond, Washington, near the Microsoft campus. It has 40 acres of doggie heaven, and is undoubtedly a dog-pack experience. It is the largest off-leash dog park in the King County area.

Dogs can be just dogs at Marymoor Park, without leashes or fences. It has several hundred feet of water access and a number of walking paths for both humans and dogs. In the Sammamish Slough, dogs can swim and retrieve sticks and balls. There are plastic “poop bags” provided at spots around the park, along with conveniently placed trash cans.

There is a healthy variety of dogs for socialization. All dogs–large, small, and medium populate the park. Human socialization is pretty high, too, as people enjoy talking about their dogs as they all play together. Dogs sniff each other eagerly. They try to retrieve each other’s tennis balls from the water, and they usually succeed at keeping track of their people. Dog fights are rare.

The dog park is well maintained by S.O.D.A. (Serve Our Dog Areas), a volunteer organization that was started in 1987. A one-dollar parking fee (on the honor system) helps S.O.D. A. with their volunteer activities.

Marymoor Park is a great place to meet old friends, new friends, and new dogs. Doggie parents come from Seattle and all over the county to give their dogs some good old-fashioned exercise.

This off-leash park is not fenced, but usually dogs are so happy to be around their own kind that they don’t wander very far. Dogs usually stay where others have marked the bushes and trees.

When we get out of the car at Marymoor, my golden retriever usually runs straight toward the water. She splashes around with like-minded dogs, and loses all of the tennis balls that I throw for her. But that’s okay; she just picks up another dog’s ball from the water and moves on to the next watering hole along the slough.

Typical of Seattle, there is a van in the large parking lot that sells Starbuck’s coffee. You can get a latte in no time and take it with you as your dog runs toward the other dogs and people. On one of Seattle’s sunny days (and even in the rain), Marymoor offers a great doggie experience–one that people and their dogs go back to again and again.

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